Voyage MuBox is a porting of Voyage MPD on CuBox platform. CuBox is so tiny with less than 2 cubic inches in size, weight just 91 grams (0.2lb, 3.2oz), providing an ideal energy efficient CAS platform for streaming music to your DAC!

Current Release (0.9.1) - 9 Jul 2013:

  • Debian "Wheezy" 7.1 armhf.
  • Stock CuBox 3.6.9-00797-g0d7ee41 kernel
  • MPD 0.18.git20121124-2 - same version to Voyage MPD 0.9.1 (support DSD playback, and fixes!)
  • Porting of Voyage MPD to armhf 100% completed - now mounting rootfs as read-only!
  • Works well on most USB DAC, standard UAC 2.0 compatible
  • Install by CuBox Installer!

Development Snapshot - 23 Jul 2013:

  • 3.8.11-rt8 realtime kernel (please note that this kernel does not support Dove GPU and Kirkwood SPDIF
  • Mytek and Hiface drivers included - testing required

Upcoming works:

  • Latest kernel: 3.10.x, -rt kernel
  • Logitech Media Server (LMS) and squeezelite
  • Testing on S/PDIF output
  • Testing on eSATA disk device
  • IR (remote) control integration
  • USB Wi-Fi dongle integration
  • Mytek and Hiface drivers
  • Testing on webgui

Installation by CuBox Installer

Before you install

The followings are required to install Voyage MuBox software to CuBox:

  1. A CuBox (complete with power cable)
  2. A Micro-SD card - recommends at least 4GB
  3. A USB stick, formatted with FAT32
  4. An Ethernet cable, connected to the Internet
  5. (Optional) A USB to Micro USB/Serial cable and a computer to access serial terminal (e.g. Tera Term, PuTTY) - or if you wish to install via HDMI display

Preparing Installation Media

The USB Stick will be your installation media of Voyage MuBox. Now you will load CuBox installer to the USB stick (steps below).

  1. Download and unzip the CuBox Installer (file) on a USB stick (while keeping the /boot/ directory)
  2. The disk layout of your USB Stick should be like this:

Installation Steps

  1. Follow the steps in CuBox Installer Wiki. Select 1) Obtain IP address from DHCP
  2. Select menu item 2) Run the installer,
  3. Select /dev/mmcblk0 disk device.
  4. Choose either voyage-mubox-0.9.1 or voyage-mubox-devel to install:
    • voyage-mubox-0.9.1 : Official and stable release. Choose this if you don't know.
    • voyage-mubox-devel : Development release. This release is updated more frequently
  5. Select Yes to update clock using NTP.
  6. Select Yes to wipe out partition. Installer script will download and install Voyage MuBox software. Please wait for installation to complete.
  7. Installation completes. Remove the USB stick and select 5) Reboot to restart CuBox!
  8. After reboot, you will at voyage-mubox login prompt. Username is root and password is voyage to login!
  9. Next, read the Cookbook for getting started to play back music and more!