Starting Up CuBox

  1. Connect your beloved USB DAC to CuBox's USB port. USB DAC is highly recommend as it is well tested.
  2. Connect Ethernet Cable to CuBox
  3. If you want to access Voyage MuBox system using a serial console, connect serial port to the MuBox using USB-to-MicroUSB cable. Run the terminal software (e.g. TeraTerm or PuTTY) in your PC, set serial terminal to 115200 8N1, flow control = None.
  4. Connect power plug to CuBox, CuBox will automatically starts.
  5. Once the boot completes, a login prompt would appear in the console. The default login user is root and password is voyage. If you don’t have a serial console, you can connect to Voyage MuBox using ssh protocol. PuTTY (for Windows) and ssh command (for Linux or Mac OS X) are recommended to access Voyage MuBox remotely.