Getting Started to Playback Music

  1. Connect USB DAC/audio converter to your board using USB cable
  2. Connect USB flash memory or external USB HDD to the board. The disk will be automatically mounted (as /media/usb0) and the music files will be automatically seen by MPD.
  3. Fire up any one of MPD client applications in another computer on the network and connects to Voyage MuBox. In addition, you can use the built-in WebGui or ssh connect to the box and run mpc commands.
  4. During the boot process, Voyage MuBox tries to request DHCP lease from your network. Once the boot completes, you can connect to Voyage MuBox using ssh protocol. PuTTy (for Windows) and ssh command (for Linux or Mac OS X) are recommended for accessing Voyage MPD remotely. The default login user is “root” and password is “voyage”.