Important MPC Commands

If you have console or ssh login, you can run the following Linux commands to control the playback. You can query the all music files that could be read by MPD using the following commands:

# mpc update
# mpc listall

To add all music files to play list, run

# mpc listall | mpc add

The start play the music by:

# mpc play

There are some other useful commands in mpc. To see also available commands, run

# mpc help

Here are some frequently used mpc commands:

MPC Commands Description
mpc next Play next song
mpc prev Play previous song
mpc volume 50 set volume to 50%
mpc stop stop playing
mpc random toggle shuffling of songs on or off
mpc repeat toggle repeating of the playlist
mpc clear clear the playlist

MuBox enables 2 ALSA outputs. One is for SPDIF, and one is for external USB DAC.

# mpc outputs
Output 1 (My ALSA Device) is enabled
Output 2 (My ALSA Device 2) is enabled

If you use external USB DAC, you should disable SPDIF output by:

# mpc disable 1
Output 1 (My ALSA Device) is disabled
Output 2 (My ALSA Device 2) is enabled

You can use "mpc disable/enable #output" to toggle sound card output. We recommend only enabling connected sound device for better sound quality.