Mount to NFS shared drive

Let say the music library is stored on another Linux server (IP: where the music files are accessible via NFS mount (/home/public). So edit /etc/fstab and add NFS mount entry:

# remountrw
# vi /etc/fstab /mnt/public  nfs rw,noatime          0       0

Then create a /mnt/public directory on Voyage MPD and mount to NFS server:

# mkdir /mnt/public
# mount -a

Since MPD set /var/lib/mpd/music as default music library path, we now create a symlink that points from default library path to our NFS mount point.

# ln -s /mnt/public/ /var/lib/mpd/music/public

At last, make sure the NFS shared directories and files are readable by MPD:

# chmod –R ugo+r /mnt/public/