Basic Tuning Tips

How to run MuBox for the best sound quality?

General principles: run less, run lean. Below shows several of ways to archive this.

Music file location

MuBox can access your music files in several ways: USB stick, external USB drive, eSATA or via NAS. Which one is best? In theory, USB uses more CPU resources than eSATA. And USB stick is worse because (in theory) there are a lot of EMI in the stick and is very close to CuBox. NAS is very lean because it only transfers signals via Ethernet cables, and only small amount of CPU resources is required for handling NIC interrupts and NFS/CIFS protocol. When compared to NFS with CIFS, NFS is a lightweight protocol.

In short, the recommendations are:
1. Direct disk access: eSATA + SSD
2. NAS access: NFS protocol
And stay away from USB disk device!

Volume mixer

If your DAC has hardware volume control, try disable it. See MPD configuration for how to change the setting.

Even if you have disabled volume control, you may still control volume via "alsamixer"

Normally, setting to max (or default) will give you no background noise. You can adjust the volume and you will hear the differences.

Hence, the general rule of thumb is: Do not alter volume by software. Either do it at your DAC or amplifier.