Access to UPnP AV Media Server

If you have music files hosted on UPnP AV Media Server in your network, you can use djmount to access UPnP media from Voyage MuBox.
If djmount is not installed, you can use apt-get to install it (requires Internet access).

# apt-get update
# apt-get install djmount

Then create a mount directory for UPnP media and run djmount manually:

# mkdir /media/upnp
# djmount -o allow_other,nonempty,iocharset=utf-8 /media/upnp
[I]   Mount options = allow_other,nonempty,iocharset=utf-8
[I] Charset : successfully initialised charset='utf-8'

Make sure your UPnP media contents are publicly accessible from your network. When djmount is running, you should be able to locate the media files under /media/upnp.

#find /media/upnp/
/media/upnp/punknix: root/Browse Folders/flac                           
/media/upnp/punknix: root/Browse Folders/flac/
/media/upnp/punknix: root/Browse Folders/flac/ Basso Ostinato.flac
/media/upnp/punknix: root/Browse Folders/flac/
/media/upnp/punknix: root/Browse Folders/flac/ Concerto no. 4 in D major KV 218 - Allegro.flac

Then update MPD database (e.g. by mpc update command) so that MPD is able to recognized the music files from the UPnP directory.
Some known issues in djmount are:

  1. It does not automatically start after reboot. You will need to start it manually using the above commands.
  2. djmount consumes more memory and CPU cycles than NFS or SAMBA client service. Voyage MuBox may potentially run out of memory if it is run in a prolonged period (> 1 day) without reboot.